Company Profile

Infratex commenced operations in 1988 as a marketing company selling industrial products.  In the years that followed, Infratex established strong distribution channels for premium quality products for the Construction, Railway, Mining and Power industries. The Infratex name has become synonymous with reliability and high quality in Environmental Containment Systems, Engineering Products, Solutions and Services.

In 2011, Infratex Environmental Services, Inc. (IESI) was formed under the flagship of Maccaferri Industrial Group.   Focusing primarily on the supply and installation of HDPE liners, Infratex has been associated with GSE Geosynthtics for many years.

In December 2017, SOLMAX, a major player in geotextiles and erosion control systems acquired GSE under the new name Solmax-GSE. All GSE HDPE products have now been rebranded under the name SOLMAX and Infratex is proud to continue its long association with these quality products.

IESI has continued to grow expanding its range of products to provide engineered environmental solutions. IESI have also partnered with Bekaert, the world market and technology leader in steel wire transformation and coatings. Also known as the world’s largest independent manufacturer of drawn steel wire products, Bekaert manufactures a range of steel fibers for industrial and commercial flooring applications. Partnering with the Finnish company, Peikko Group Corporation, IESI is able to supply advanced armor joint systems for cast-in-situ Steel Fiber Reinforced Flooring (SFRC) applications, slim floor structures and precast applications.